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Paver Walkways & Steps

Walkways as well as driveways must be excavated to remove topsoil, rocks and soft material. Soil stabilization fabric is then added and crushed rocked is placed and compacted. Stone dust is then applied and leveled. Pavers are placed, compacted into the stone dust; locking dust is added and compacted again. Backfill and seeding as required.

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Repair of Old Walls and Steps

Old wall and steps were in disrepair. Topsoil, rocks and debris were removed to hard ground, finished grades were then established. Gravel base was then installed, compacted and then stone dust is placed and leveled. Steps are cut in and also placed on compacted gravel and stone dust. Pavers are set, compacted into the stone dust; locking sand added and compacted again. The wall is placed on a compacted bed of stone and has stone and drainage behind it for frost protection.