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New and Replacement Driveways

New Driveway

Old driveway was in poor condition with broken asphalt and no turn around. Driveway was excavated to remove old asphalt and then dug down an additional 12" to remove unsuitable fill and rocks. Soil stabilization fabric was applied and course and fine gravel added, compacted and fine graded. Paving was completed and topsoil added surrounding the new driveway. Raking, seeding and application of straw finished the project.

drive1thumb drive2thumb drive3thumb


This driveway was previously paved. The pavement was in poor condition due to a lack of suitable crushed gravel under the original pavement. The old asphalt was removed and the unsuitable fill dug out to a depth of 12". Soil stabilization fabric was then added and 3-1/2" and 3/4" gravel was place and compacted. Paving was then completed, topsoil added to edges and then seeded.

olddrivethumb1 olddrivethumb2 olddrivethumb3